Friday, January 14, 2011

Vegan TriAthlete Diet

Triathlon is one of the latest sporting craze worldwide. It is a complete full body work out not only exercising every cell, tissue and organs in different terrain but also activates other bodily processes. Everybody can be a tri-athlete. It only takes hard work, commitment and discipline. Diet vegans are of advantages. Nonetheless, for those who want to try the sport, there is a so-called vegan triathlete diet that you can follow.

So what do you triathletes eat? Neophytes, as much as possible, should start a healthy living including refraining from eating fatty, salty, sweet foods. Slowly shift your (food) preference to fruits, vegetables, meat, rice, bread and wheat. To quench your thirst, clean warm water is enough. However, if you intend to lose weight as well, frequent drinking of hot water will help. Once your body has adjusted with these, then you can follow the RDAs (Recommended Dietary Allowance) and the food pyramid scheme.

Perhaps by now we have a healthy eating habit. Let us factor in our training schedule. It is a must that you eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch and supper). Quantity should not be more than enough or avoid overeating. We need to have a stable body weight in order for us to carry ourselves while running, swimming and biking.

To acquire energy we need to eat carbs preferably the so-called brown rice. This variety is rich in fiber which is also good in our digestion and circulation. Second, to make our bones strong, when need to have calcium, which can be derived from dairy products and milks. Third to keep warm in the water, we need iron and proteins. This can be derived from meat, poultry, fish and even vegetables.

The abovementioned diet program is what we call the Flexi-vegan diet. Once your body is accustomed with it, you can follow much stricter diet. Such as the skinless white meat diet, etc. The key in any vegan triathlete diet is to exercise more and avoid overeating.


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